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Hydraulic mod using BlueRobotics electronics


I am working on a project which uses the BlueROV2’s electronic enclosure and thrusters, which are attached to a piece of hydraulic equipment. The aim is to use the thrusters to move the equipment into position in the water (already tested and working well), and then be able to use the same controller and hardware to operate the hydraulic equipment.

This will require connecting some solenoid operated directional valves to the BlueROV2’s electronics.

Does anyone know if this will be possible using the standard hardware provided with the BlueROV2?

Thanks in advance,

Matt .

Possibly, I’m not familiar with hydraulics or solenoid valves. Can you tell me more about how the solenoid valves are operated? What sort of control signal they receive?

Thanks for the reply,

The 6 solenoids will simply be tripped by a relay module containing 6 relay switches (link below), which I believe will be connected to the raspberry pi inside the enclosure. Each switch is rated up to 5V and 10A.

Ok, it is possible to control these relays with either the pixhawk autopilot (there is built in support to control 3 relays via joystick), or with your own program running on the raspberry pi (python + gpio).

Good news, the pixhawk connect sounds like the easier option here. How would I go about wiring the relays to the pix?