How to validate the correct direction of rotation for each engine?


I build my rov with your documentation. But I have a problem, if I compare this picture image with this picture

The direction for the engine 5 and 6 is totaly different !

So which one is right ???

the motors 5 and 6 turn in the same direction so when I want to dive the rov make a barrel…

Answered here.

@bdevis, the orientation of the propellers is arbitrary. The key is to have all of the green motors one type of propeller, and all of the blue motors the opposite. Otherwise, make sure you have configured the MOTn_DIRECTION parameters so that everything spins correctly after installation.

Thk you !!

You are great, it was so simple that I downloaded Qgroundcontrol and after that I stopped there… Because I download the QgroundControl by another way.

@jwalser I have a lens on the camera, is it normal ?

This is a protective cover and should be removed.

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Thank you !!