Motors direction is inverted


I am building a surface vehicle. I am using the simple ROV configuration, however I am only connecting motors 1 and 2 because it is not going to dive. The problem is that the motors direction is inverted. When I try to move the vehicle forward it moves backwards and vice versa. Same thing happens when turning right/left. I am using a CW and a CCW propeller. The mounting position of the propellers is the same as shown in the simple ROV configuration diagram:


Finally, they are connected according to the following image:

I cannot find the mistake. Can someone know what the issue might be? Can I solve it via software (we are also developing a program to operate the vehicle using pymavlink messages) or do I need to rewire the propellers?

It is worth noting that this issue happens when using qgroundcontrol and pymavlink messages as well.

Have a nice day!

Hi @Alex_UJI1,

I expect you can solve your problem by reversing them in the Motors Setup Page.
Let me know how that goes :slight_smile: