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How to set the address for bar30

hi there,

I currently have a problem regarding the address of bar30 sensor,

I’m using 2 devices on my i2c bus that are bar30 sensor and IMU.
I use Arduino Uno as my master.

my simple question is how to modify the current sample code of bar30 provided so that I can read those values from my serial monitor.

thank you for your help.

The Bar30 I2C address is set by hardware, unless you got the bare pcb version, it cannot be changed. The example code does print the values on the serial monitor, can you explain more about what you want to do?

@jwalser, it’s possible use an ADS1115 converter to read an analog pressure transmitter over i2c port?
The Address of the ADS1115 is:


@jonathan-santrovitsc Yes, this would work with an analog sensor. The Bar30 does not provide an analog output, however.

@jwalser, need change something on the firmware of pixhawk? I try many times, but on the parameters on QGC not show Pressure parameter and give fail on calibration of baro.


@jonathan-santrovitsc what pressure sensor are you using? The firmware only supports the Bar30 and the Bar100.

I use an 16bar sensor, output 0-5V, 0-10v or 4-20mA. The Ads1115 convert to digital on the addres 0x48, 0x4A, 0x4B or 0x49. I believe that the 30Bar bluerobotics use other addres to read the pressure. I’m not sure if this is the problem.



On the manual of 30Bar sensor, says:


I try to use this setup, because have this conversor e pressure sensor in brazil, and for import the MS5837 will be complicated, because the time and our Mail service that are very bad here.



Follow the manual and datasheet of the conversor ADS1115 for you give me an idea to use with pixhawk!

ADS1115 Datasheet.pdf (922.4 KB)


If you have an analog sensor, you do not need the ads1115. There are 3 ADCs available on the Pixhawk.

Thanks, I ill try this!


There is no software support for an analog pressure sensor, you will not be able to use it for the depth readings without it.

Maybe it’s possible add the ads1115 library on the firmware of ardusub?


You can put in a feature request for analog pressure sensors via ‘github issues’ if you want. The best way to get some support for it is to share some hardware that could be used. I think you should leave the idea of using the ads1115 alone for now, it won’t help with anything.