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BAR30 I2C Address

It is common for I2C sensors to have a configurable I2C address in case multiple sensors will be used on the same bus. With the BAR30 being sealed there is no way to alter the address on the MS5837-30BA.

Would BlueRobotics consider offering two configurations for the BAR30, with two different addresses?

I have an application where I would like to use two BAR30’s on the same Pixhawk.

My alternative, which is currently being designed, is a daughter board that mux’s the I2C devices, but I’d rather simplify the hardware if it’s possible.

Does the processing of the second Bar30 data need to be done entirely on the PixHawk or could you connect the second Bar30 to the Pi’s I2C interface? Passing the data back to the PixHawk from the Pi via pymavlink may also be possible.

By Pi do you mean a Raspberry Pi? I am not using one. My system is only running a ModalAI Flight Core and a custom daughter board that provides load cell data via serial. I’d rather keep the method the same for both pressure sensors, so the thought is to interface both through the daughter board if I can’t change the addresses.

Yeah, I was assuming you were using a standard BlueROV2 configuration. I’m not familiar with that board but the docs suggest it has more than one I2C bus, so the address collision may not matter if you put the sensors on different buses.