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How to change the XRotor PRO 25A 3D ESC firmware?

(json) #1

Hi all
I want to upload my firmware (program) on XRotor PRO 25A 3D ESC , but i dont know micro base numbers , and I want guidance from you that tell me the base numbers of this micro.
Thank you for your help.

(Jacob) #2

I’m sorry @json, I don’t know anything about that ESC or how to program it, and there doesn’t appear to be any documentation on the microcontroller, PCB, or software running on the ESC.

Why do you want to upload your own firmware to this ESC?

(json) #3

I want the firmware ESC open-source BlueRobotics to ESC XRotor PRO 25A 3D

(Jacob) #4

That won’t work. The Blue Robotics firmware will only work on the Afro 30A ESCs. Why do you want to put the Blue Robotics firmware on this XRotor ESC?

(json) #5

XRotor ESC unstable to ROV my
after disarm . start Moving the motor

(Jacob) #6

What ROV are you using? Did you write a program to control the ESCs?

(json) #7

use ROV customize students
no control ESC .

(Jacob) #8

How are you controlling the ESC to make the motors move right now?

(json) #9

I use the Blue Robotic site control
logitech Controller F710
Firmware pixhawk Stable version Blue ROV 2

(Jacob) #10

I am sorry json, these ESCs will not work with ArduSub/Pixhawk because they do not use the same neutral/stopped signal. You may post here if you want to check if another ESC is compatible with ArduSub before you purchase them. The only ESC I am sure will work is the Afro 30A with our reversible firmware. You can buy them pre-flashed with the reversible firmware from our store. BLHeli ESCs should also work, but I have not confirmed this yet.

(json) #11

thank you Jacob
Can you use the Motor Brushless T-motor U3 water proof ?

(Jacob) #12

Almost any brushless motor should work, can you give a link?

(json) #13


(Jacob) #14

Those motors are pretty expensive, they say waterproof, but they are designed for use in air like most brushless motors. If you can afford it, I recommend purchasing our motors or thrusters which are designed for use under water (heavy duty water proofing and corrosion resistant materials). You can see those motors here.

(json) #15

thank you Jacob :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: