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Flashing ESC


I’m trying to flash the firmware onto the basic ESC to allow it to operate in both directions. I’m attempting to use the KK flash tool. Can you please tell me which file from the github page i’m supposed to be using?



Maybe a stupid question on my part, but I thought the Basic ESC would run in forward / reverse depending on the PWM signal that you sent it. At least the thruster that I have been testing with will do that and it is a T100 and I bought the Basic ESC with it.



The Basic ESC should already have firmware for forward/reverse unless you purchased the “AfroESCs” from HobbyKing to program.

The KK flash tool will work fine. First you’ll need to install the Arduino USB Linker firmware on to an Arduino to act as the programmer: https://github.com/c---/ArduinoUSBLinker. Alternatively, you can use any “Turnigy USB Linker” or “AfroESC Programmer”.

The firmware hex file for the ESC is available from the link here: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/besc/#firmware-files

Let me know if you have any other questions.


It depends on what you need to accomplish. If you need a reversible esc, we recommend the basic esc in our store, it is already set up for bidirectional operation.

Hi @rjehangir and @jwalser,
I have some problems related, I suspect, with the ESC firmware of my basic ESC bought in Bluerobotics. I’m trying to reflash the device but the documentation is a little bit confusing.
So I could understand, I need to run the ArduinoUSBLinker.ino into an Arduino, having connected the BAsic ESC and then run the follow command if I want to flash the defauld bluerobotics Firmware:

avrdude -c stk500v2 -b 9600 -P [programmer port] -p m8 -U flash:w:afro_nfet_besc30_r1.hex:i

Where can I find the code to tune the Firmware parameters in order to have a better adjustment? In the link that you share above (http://docs.bluerobotics.com/besc/#firmware-files) there are a lot of different codes. I use the basic ESC R2 version and I would like to be sure that the code that I should use is THIS.
Can I reflash these devise using the R3 firmware? Can you explain step by step how can we perform a correct reflashing?

Thank you!

Hi Antoni,

There are flashing instructions here . (These are for our discontinued BlueESC product but the instructions are very similar). The firmware for the ESC must be compiled from the SimonK tgy firmware.

Our R3 ESC uses the BLHeli firmware, which is not supported by the R2 ESC. The BLHeli firmware makes it much easier to adjust parameters and we’d recommend upgrading to that option if you need to change parameters frequently.