Flash an ESC for drone

Hi Rusty,

I have bought an ESC from hobbywing called “skywalker” which is supposed to be used in drone.
This ESC could only turn in forward direction only. Could it be flashed with the blue robotics forward/reverse firmware so that it can drive T100 thruster? If yes, how to do so?



Please provide a link to the Hobbywing “Skywalker” ESC.

Thanks TCIII for your lightning response.
here is the link:

It all depends on the chip they use and IF the pads are accessible to flashing, Then you need an adapter to connect it. If you are not familiar with flashing it is probably simpler to buy from BR. We use to do it for custom firmware for multicopters so we have the gear required but it is not common items most would have.

What is the adapter?
Is it an USBlink or via arduino?

The adapter usually connects between the PC’s USB port and the servo connector of the ESC to provide a form of serial communication between a programming app on the PC and the microprocessor in the ESC. However there are ESCs that have specific programming pads on the ESC pwb that are used to program the ESC microprocessor.
If you can afford to do so, I would take schoonerlabs advice and purchase the BR ESCs that are specifically programmed to provide thruster forward and reverse.