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Waht outrunner and ESC for T100 and T200 thrusters?


Hi ROVfolks!

This is my first topic here. I’m a big fan of ROVs and i decided to make one. Many many questions will arise but now my concern is thrusters. I plan to print T100 or T200 for test purpouses but don’t know what motors and ESCs from hobbyking.com will fit printings. I’ve searched hobbyking.com for low Kv outrunners but i can see many. Can you guys put some light on it? I’ve read 480 Kv motors is used in original design. Second thing: ESC w/ reverse. RC boat ESCs have reverse as well as RC car’s ECSs but they look pretty different to thoe ESCs in ROV pictures. ESCs from ROV photos i’ve seen look like standard drone or plane ESCs. But standard drone ESC doesn’t have reverse. Some ESCs can be reflashed to activate reverse feature - all of them? Have you got some links to ESC suitable for up to 4S li-ion back?

Thank you:)

(Rusty) #2

Hi @bogirov,

Thanks for the post! Glad you’re here.

Generally, you’ll want a motor with a pretty low Kv. The T100 and T200 are both in the ~500 Kv range.

As far as the ESCs go, there are some car and boat ESCs that are reversible. We use multicopter ESCs that have been reprogrammed to run in both direction. If you’re interested in those you can check them out here.

Not all ESCs can be reflashed. We use “SimonK” firmware on ours, but from what I understand, it’s also possible with “BLHeli” firmware.



Thank you Rusty. So far i ordered 3d printer and need to learn how to use it prior printing thrusters and test some outrunners.