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ESC Emax Simon K Series 30A OPTO 2S - 6S

(json) #1

Can you upload your firmware to this product?

Supports from Simon K

(Jacob) #2

No, it won’t work. You can check the boards that will work with our firmware here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13tMlu5ldLNpZXwbe6UhDHJhcgTVuljm8HDiDp9WO9Pk/edit#gid=0.

Only the ones that take ‘bs_nfet’ firmware will work. This list is also not necessarily up to date, manufacturers revise the hardware sometimes.

(json) #3

I did not understand what this list says
My country is limited to buying from you
I need your firmware on other ESC
Please advise which product to buy
Thank you

(Jacob) #4

Our firmware will go on ‘Afro 30A’ ESCs. You can also try Blheli_s escs, those won’t work with our firmware, but they have an option to be reversible.

(json) #5

Give me an example (Blheli_s ESC)

(Jacob) #6

There are very many options, you will find the same thing as me with an internet search.

(json) #7

Can i upload your firmware to this product?

(Jacob) #8

No. This ESC runs Blheli_s firmware. The Blheli_s firmware can be configured to operate in reversible mode like our firmware does.

(json) #9

This software?

(Jacob) #10

Yes, look at ‘Motor DIrection’

(json) #11

Which ESC I choose?
My country is limited to purchasing from your store
I can not find ESC Afro
I apologize for the great question
I’m really dumb

(Jacob) #12

You can pick any ESC that says Blheli_s. The Blheli_s ESCs do not use our firmware. The Blheli_s ESCs can operate the same as our firmware after you reconfigure them.

(json) #13

I realized
min pwm Reverse
max pwm Reverse

min pwm Forward
max pwm Forward

Stopped pwm
Deadband pwm

Tell me this in your firmware
To change me in the program Blheli suite

(Jacob) #14

min pwm Reverse 1100

max pwm Reverse 1475

min pwm Forward 1525

max pwm Forward 1900

Stopped pwm 1500

Deadband pwm 50

(json) #15

Everybody gets set up in the software Blheli suite?

(Jacob) #16

Yes, you will need to use Blheli suite to configure this.

(json) #17

Thank you jacob
Your company has good support
Good luck

(Jacob) #18

Thank you. I hope it works for you.