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Is there a substitute for Afro 30A ESC?

(json) #1

Hello everybody
In my country there is no Afro 30A ESC that i can upload your software
Afro 30A ESC picture :

Is there another ESC , compatible with your firmware?
Thank you for your guide

(Jacob) #2

The reversible firmware file that can be downloaded from the ESC product page in our store is only compatable with the Afro 30A ESC.

(Jacob) #3

ESCs with BL_HELI_s firmware can be set up to be reversible using a programming tool and a GUI.

(ocenaman) #4

Jacob,3D model for help~:kissing_heart:

(json) #5

Can you introduce a sample?

(Jacob) #7

There are very many blheli_s ESC models. I do not have much experience with them, so I cannot provide a recommendation.

(json) #8

thank you jacob :heart_eyes: