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HKPilot32 support


Hi all
I am new to ArduSub
Following the documentation I connected autopilot, companion and QGroundControl.
But I cannot connect QGC to autopilot … seems that it’s not connected in the Firmware tab, although from the companion’s web app I can reboot the autopilot !

The one I am using is not in the list of supported hardware, though it’s a pixhawk clone (?)

I am using HKPilot32 (details also here)
Does anyone has used this ? Is it compatible ?

thanks in advance

(Jacob) #2

The firmware tab in QGC will work only with the autopilot connected directly to the computer via usb. If you have the autopilot connected to the Raspberry Pi, then you need to use the web ui to flash it at

Does this explain your problem?


Yes !
going to and pressing Stable button in the Pixhawk Firmware Update area did the job (download and flash ArduSub).
Thanks @jwalser you saved my day