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Pixhawk firmware fails via companion web interface

New to forum.
I have a custom ArduSub system which needs in house modifications to the ArduSub firmware.
That is all working nicely. I can install the code via direct USB connection to my mRo board (pixhawk compatible). But once it is installed in the hardware it will not update via the Companion (version 0.0.15) Web interface.
Every time I attempt to perform the update, the information panel tells me that the image is not compatible with the board.
QGC shows the board as 33, the web interface shows the board as 22. The USB product ID is the same between the two modes of installation.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,


Additional information:
I found that after attempting to load the exact same image via companion web page, lsusb shows the following major changes:
device before: 26ac:0011
device after: 26ac:0021

before: 3D Robotics
After: AUAV

before: PX4 FMU v2.X
After: PX4 BL AUAV X2.1

the board no longer works

Your firmware is based on a newer release, where the usb identifier on the autopilot has changed. We have yet to add support for this in companion. Companion expects the autopilot to be at 26ac:0011 + 3d robotics