Herelink sbus output not work

I have herelink. after update ,RC and air Unit, the sbus output channel don’t work. can help me.

Hi @tapafi, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

You have provided very minimal information here, so it’s difficult to give a meaningful response.

  1. Which flight controller board are you using?
  2. Which autopilot firmware are you running on it?
    • If it is not ArduSub you may need to ask in the general ArduPilot forum, or some other forum more appropriate for your autopilot
  3. What did you update?
    • Your flight controller’s autopilot firmware (e.g. ArduSub)?
    • Your onboard computer’s software (e.g. BlueOS)?
    • Your control station computer’s software (e.g. QGroundControl)?
  4. What do you mean by “the sbus output channel don’t work”?

Hi I so sorry to answer late. I don’t get your message notif.

My board is orange cube with carrier board.

Airunit local ver : AU01211129
Airunit online ver : AU01211129
Radio unit ver : RU01221123

My problem mean my herelink’s joystick don’t work and I can’t control my herelink’s Chanel for control pixhawk.