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Generative design - build

(vectrino.hr) #1

Because everybody is talking about Philippe Starck chair

and our engineers have some spare time…

In middle of nowhere

we found some old wood

Cleaned it up…

Made some fungicide treatment for old river wood

3D scanned it

Compared it to our Bluerov2

Used some zip ties

and finally making random generative design… before 3d printing

new add 04-26-2019

just to stay sharp :smiley:


(Rusty) #2

This is definitely ones of the coolest/weirdest/most awesome things I have ever seen on this forum. Nice.

(vectrino.hr) #3

@rjehangir believe it or not but this is future. Generative design will surely change our perspective on things.
Are you familiar with generative design?

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(vectrino.hr) #4

(Elisa) #5

I am obsessed with this. I was not familiar but quickly fell into a generative design wormhole. Would it be alright if we shared this on our socials!? :slight_smile:

(vectrino.hr) #6

It would be great but please give us few more days to take proper pictures.

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(Elisa) #7

Absolutely. Looking forward to them :grin:

(vectrino.hr) #8

One more day…

(vectrino.hr) #9

@emiller Here it is… kraken :wink:

(Elisa) #10

I can’t get enough! This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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(Enrique) #11

Absolutely incredible!! Nature-based designs are always the coolest and most effective ones!
I am wondering about the thruster configuration, they are in a strange position, but it seems that it could move forward. Are there more thrusters in the final design?
Thanks for sharing!

(Njål B.) #12

That is just really cool in every way!

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(vectrino.hr) #13

At this phase it is just show off. Trusters and everything is just placed to look nice at conference.
With generative design it is necessary to take into calculation:

  • centre of buoyancy
  • centre of gravity
  • CFD for trusters
  • geometry of old tree
    And everything is equally important.

Remember all of this projects is just to stay sharp. And it is cool

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(vectrino.hr) #14
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