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Framerate settings

(Chris) #1

Hi there,
I noticed that my BlueROV2 records videos with different frame rates. One dive the frame rate is at about 32, another dive with another conditions (maybe darker) the frame rate is at abour 19 and some dives it is at 21. I would prefer 25 frames per second on every dive. Where does the different rates come from? Can I set it to a fixed rate for every dive?

Best regards from the Baltic Coast

(Jacob) #2

Can you please let me know how you are determining the frame rate of a video file?

(Chris) #3

I can find the frame rate in the codec informations of the VLC Media Player for example or when I import it in Adobe Premiere for editing.

In this screenshot you find the frame rate at the line “Bildwiederholrate” (German)

Best regards

(Jacob) #4

This is interesting. @schleitaucher can you let us know what camera you are using? Our standard USB camera on the BlueROV2 should have a fixed framerate of 30fps.

(Chris) #5

I haven’t modified the camera in my BlueROV2. It’s the standard cam I think.

(Jacob) #6

I’ve made a note to investigate and resolve: