Firmware Updates to Ping Sonar


I see that a new Firmware for ping exists (v3.29), when i try to Updates i get error.

Do i need to disconnect ping,from bluerov2 to update Firmware?

Is it possible to use BlueOS to Updates Firmware for ping Sonar?

what’s new in 3.29?

Hi @an-ron,

That is an eventually planned feature, but it is not currently available.

To update the Ping Sonar’s firmware through Ping Viewer requires the computer running Ping Viewer to have a directly wired serial connection to the sonar (e.g. your sonar needs to be plugged into your computer, not your vehicle).

I suppose there’s some possibility the VirtualHere BlueOS extension could be used to pretend the device is plugged in directly while actually being connected to the vehicle, in which case firmware updating might work, but that’s not tested and the process might fail (especially if the sonar presents itself as a different device while it’s being flashed).

It fixes an initialisation bug that was causing excess current draw when the device boots. If you happen to have a Ping Sonar connected via a Navigator’s serial port then that bug can cause issues when trying to reboot the Raspberry Pi.