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FathomX Communication

Dear BlueRobotics,

I would like to use two FathomX Twisted pair connection on my ROV system. I’ve two different neutrally bouyant cables with same meter(250 meter). Both cables has Power and twisted pair lines. Both cables has 2x1mm2 Power cable and 2x0.2mm2 Twisted pair cable. But on one cable the twisted pair line has shield on the out of that line. When I tested two lines on a system with a computer, a raspi with ardusub image and two FathomX with CAT6 Ethernet cables. I’ve powered Fathom boards with 60 watt 12V power source. On a test with unshielded cable, the data test comes with 70-80 Mbps upload and download rate. On the test with shielded cable the data is 40-50 Mpbs. So I believe that shield is causing a data loss. Does this right ? On the communication system with shielded cables causes a data speed loss?

On the other hand I’ve tested them thorugh 400VDC power line communication unfortunately it was not succesfull. I don’t know what was the problem but I didn’t get any data at all.