Ethernet switch

Hi everyone
I’m trying to use the Ethernet switch but it seems damaged, the Ethernet lights are off although I switch on the ROV. How can I check if it’s damaged or not.
Also the camera I’m using now is USB camera and its slow and show high latency, how can I fix it.

Hi @Ibrahim,

The activity indicator lights[1] on our Ethernet Switch should light up when there is activity on a given port. If data is being sent through yours in its current configuration then the lights labelled 1 and 5 (D3 and D11) should be showing that activity. If they are not I recommend you contact our support email ( to describe what’s going on as well as an order number or rough order date for when you bought the switch.

Depending on the camera you’re using it’s possible the camera itself has some latency built in, but it’s also possible there’s a network issue. I’d recommend running a Local Network Test on your vehicle’s web interface, as well as testing the camera latency when it’s plugged directly into your computer, and seeing whether the latency issue is still present when you connect an ethernet cable directly from your Onboard Computer (Raspberry Pi) to your Control Station (topside) Computer.

  1. See the Guides section of the product page. ↩︎