Error in OpenVSCode Extension

I am receiving the following error when starting up the OpenVSCode extension:


Is this an error that I should just ignore? It doesn’t seem to be fatal. It comes up every time I start the VSCode extension, but then I can execute code normally shortly after.

Hi @judahwo,

I haven’t been involved with the creation or configuration of the VSCode BlueOS Extension, but from a quick online search Jedi seems to be an auto-completion / static analysis (VSCode) extension, so if it’s failing then that extension will not be providing help while you’re writing your code, but it shouldn’t have an effect on your code’s execution.

Given it’s trying to connect to some kind of server it’s possible it only works when the vehicle’s onboard computer is connected to the internet, but if it’s a local server then perhaps it’s configured to look for Jedi but Jedi is not installed or something.

In case it’s helpful, searching for the issue yielded this StackOverflow post, which may provide some pointers.

@patrickelectric may have some additional ideas, since he created the Extension.

Hi @judahwo,

I believe that Python Jedi does not come with vscode and you had to install it.
From the error message, it appears that the Jedi server is crashing, it’s necessary to check the server log to identify the problem. It may be related to the hardware where BlueOS is running, keep in mind that the raspberry has limited resources and some extensions may be really heavy for it to run.