Enviar video a una direccion web para vision artificial

hola, soy nuevo en esto de BlueRobotics alguien me podria ayudar a como puedo enviar el video que me muestra en QGround Control a una direccion web para realizar vision artificial del video captado por ROV o si puedo ejecutar mi codigo de vision artificial desde QGround Control

Hi @AndresFrancisco, and welcome!

So, to receive a video from BlueOS, you need to implement a client to receive the video, and then pass it to your pipeline. There are multiple technological possibilities for this, so it’s hard to give a specific direction.

Overall, what I believe will be helpful for you to begin with is to explore the software BlueOS uses to manage the video. It’s an open-source software called Mavlink Camera Manager, capable of sending video using UDP, RTSP, or WebRTC. Checkout its repository: GitHub - mavlink/mavlink-camera-manager: MAVLink Camera Manager Service