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EIVA launches a complete software solution for ROV steering

@rjehangir is this bluerov2? http://www.rovplanet.com/news/news?id=1628


ROV integration
EIVA has initially focused on some of the most widely sold mini-ROV types in the market, namely the VideoRay Pro 4 / Pro 5 / Defender and the Blue Robotics BlueROV2, and NaviSuite Mobula is available in versions tailored to these ROV types. EIVA expects to expand the list of supported ROVs soon, as well as add more functionalities.

And is it functional or not? :grinning:

The product is from EIVA. They indicate that it is. I haven’t seen it.

ping @kklemens

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@vectrino-hr Last I saw it worked on a standard BlueROV2 (not a Heavy) at least for all the basic flight modes (Manual-Stabilize-Depth Hold), but autonomous missions don’t work because we are still working on the code (ArduSub: GPS Positioning). EIVA didn’t have Water Linked integrated either.

I would recommend asking for a users manual before you purchase anything.


:+1::+1::+1: thank you