EIVA's NaviSuite Mobula (BlueROV2)

Get your joysticks ready – Software is streamlining ROV operations and customising configurations

Good news for the BlueROV2 community! ROV dives just got easier with the new release of NaviSuite Mobula (BlueROV2), a complete topside software solution for ROV operations.

Streamlining ROV operations and customising software configurations to fit your needs… These are the main themes for the many new features in this new update to NaviSuite Mobula.

Our development team took this topside ROV software solution into the workshop and turned it upside down. They have addressed as many requests from the market as possible – and have come a long way! Now, NaviSuite Mobula 4.6 (BlueROV2) is ready for action. So get your joysticks ready, because we’re diving in to the details about this new and improved version of NaviSuite Mobula for BlueROV2.

Plug and play – and dive!

Start your operations without any hassle – we have streamlined the NaviSuite Mobula start-up sequence. In version 4.6, the software is ready for an operation as soon as you open it. This is because we have replaced the template selection, which took several steps to set up, with default UI elements that are now always part of a new project when one is created. These UI elements include multiple ‘dockable’ views (windows), background maps, display data in dashboards/widgets/graphs, adding 3D models and more.

Smoother operations with assisted control modes

We have added a wave of new assisted control modes in this update. These include enhanced assisted steering and new automated flight modes such as station keeping based on velocities.

The new automated control modes include the option to go-to-target by simply placing a waypoint on the map and have the ROV move to it automatically. Note that automated control modes requires navigation sensors – as a minimum a DVL. On that note, another improvement in this update is that NaviSuite Mobula now supports integration with a wide variety of DVLs and sonar models!

Another new automated control mode is station keeping based on velocities. With this new feature, while ensuring station keeping, it is possible to surge, sway, and heave with the ROV. After the movement is stopped, the station keeping position is updated accordingly.

New user interface provides better overview and control

The user interface is constantly worked on to provide our users with an optimal overview and easier control of the software during ROV dives. For the Mobula 4.6 release, we have made changes including a new window layout, new windows, new buttons, as well as new toggles.

Another new element in the user interface is overlay widgets, which make it easy to keep track of real-time data during your operation. The wide variety of overlay widgets can display any real-time data available, such as videos, images, graphics, time, heading, pitch and roll.
An example of the user interface of NaviSuite Mobula – featuring a video overlay with widgets providing live information, a map view and sonar data display

Configure the software for your desired setup

In this update, we have improved the options for configuring your joystick and thruster setup.

This means that you can now assign keys to your joystick however you like. We have also doubled the amount of possible controls by adding the option to use shift together with another key, producing a new action.

The advanced thruster configuration options mean that NaviSuite Mobula can be configured for your specific thruster frame, no matter what custom BlueROV2 design, you may have. This is possible because you can now adjust thruster allocation and spinning direction to reflect the custom ROV design layout.

Surge forward with these new features

We hope that this has gotten you excited for the many new features in NaviSuite Mobula (BlueROV2). If you aren’t already operating NaviSuite Mobula on your BlueROV2, you can always request a free trial and experience the control this software solution gives you during dives first hand.


Nice to see the latest features, and great to see you on our forums @NaviSuiteMobula!

The interface is definitely looking slick :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this post to our new Third Party Products - Ground Control Software category so it’s easier for people to find it, and for us and you to monitor and support people using this and other alternatives :slight_smile:


Looks like I will go with this software. We can’t seem to get the other one correct. Just waiting to hear back from them to see if they have what I need.

Does this allow the rov to operate at different degrees of roll? I designed my rov for cleaning boats and pretty much all the work is requiring the rov to be oriented completely upside down or at 45 degrees.

I purchased the navisuite mobula core for blue robotics. The download page does not offer this. I was instructed to download kuda core. I did and don’t really see anywhere or anything for blue robotics at all.

Looks like I have to pay another $230 to learn the software. I though it would be plug and play.

I emailed support a few times with a question but got no response. My rov needs to operate upside down and at a 45 degree angle while keeping a heading. Does your software allow this?!?!

You guys have been top notch. Thank you for getting everything solved.

Still nobody can tell me if we will be able to operate upside down.

Good Morning, just for info who is using EIVA Mobula pro?, I have had this software for 6 months but can’t get it to work. Also strange there is no category in this forum for people using this software, Am I the only one?

Looks amazing on paper, says plug and play but unfortunately not for me.

Looking for replys from other users only please.

Hi @SamROV,

I’ve moved your post here, because it’s related to the software discussed in this thread. Also, NaviSuite Mobula is developed by EIVA, so your post’s selected category of “Blue Robotics Software” didn’t make sense.

I would send them an email. They get back pretty fast and have 24 hour support.

Yes they do, they have also been remote accessing the laptop while the RoV is in the test tank however still can’t get it to work, also there is no setup manual to follow, definitely not plug and play I have worked for Subsea 7 as ROV pilot through to technical superintendent spanning 22 years and never had problems such as this definitely not plug and play but determined not to let it beat me but it’s becoming an expensive learning curve, I wanted to change to another laptop to try and tech support Morton basically said I have to buy anothe years subscription, I am on site at moment and will chase it back up on Monday, my advice is ask for a trial licence first before committing to the full subscription like I did.
Also support updated the Doppler firmware now it won’t work with QGC

What is the 24 hour support email? Or number I have been getting very limited support usually on Danish time, I have spent a lot of time with Earnest the support guy thanks Earnest but system still not useable, I have spent way too much time on this already for a plug and play system.

Tel: +45 2048 7737 (24/7)

Email support@eiva.com

Here is the support rep in the states email.


Honestly im just happy I only started with Mobula core.

I already deleted it off my system.