DXF chart as background map for Qgroundcontrol

Anyone experienced with uploading a DXF file format or other vector or raster maps for that matter as a background map for qgroundcontrol? Thanks.

Hi @odedezra,

QGroundControl apparently doesn’t officially support custom maps, although it does allow using Mapbox as a map source

and it may be possible to upload a custom map to Mapbox and then use it in QGC. Mapbox seems to support both vector and raster map tiles, but I’m unsure whether QGC can handle vector ones. Unfortunately this process is not something I have experience with, and I’m unsure whether the Mapbox stuff would require a paid account.

As a potential fallback option, I tried exporting some map tiles and they get exported to an sqlite3 database, which can be studied and modified programatically or in an application like SQLiteStudio. Accordingly it may be possible to replicate the relevant structure but use your own custom map tiles instead, although doing so would likely take some work to figure out a suitable process.

I’ve also brought this up internally, in case anyone has some experience with this kind of thing.

Hi @EliotBR Eliot!
Thank you very much for this info! I’ll go and check this software Mapbox and see if it can do the job.
I can also recommend using QGIS, an open source software for anyone who is interested in using a more professional navigation software that can display vessels, vehicles, many different types of background maps and much more…

I think having an option to upload background maps of different formats would be a great feature on BR’s future operating/piloting software, it may be worth considering that.

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That is indeed being considered :slight_smile:

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