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DVL A50 Companion Installation Setup Locked Out

Hello, I’m Julien Nyberg. I’m currently setting up the DVL A50 to the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration. I was able to access the WaterLink page, but when I was trying to setup the companion software, there was a lock on the origin link so I could not continue on through the process to update. When I click on the link it asks for a username and password, which I do not know what to do from there. Any idea on how to go about solving this issue? Below is a screenshot on what displays when asking for the username.

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I suspect this is related to being in version 0.0.17, try updating first.
Additionally, we have a .img file for companion with the dvl in our docs.

Hi @Jnyberg, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That issue has happened to a few people previously, and I’m not entirely sure why. It can be bypassed by just adding a new remote with the same details, in which case there’s no lock, and no login details required.

As a note, the existing dvl branch is missing some updates from master which fix some recent issues with companion updates and pixhawk firmware downloads. We’ve just pushed a new dvl-30 branch which I’d suggest you use instead.

Separately, we’re currently in the process of merging the dvl branch functionality into the next stable release, which I believe is planned for within the next couple of weeks.

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