Drone crashed after “EKF3 LANE SWITCH 2”

Hi. I flew my drone and it crashed down and said “EKF3 LANE SWITCH 2”… what does that mean and how can I fix it

Hi @sussiee, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

From the ArduPilot documentation, EKF lane switching occurs when one set of sensors becomes unreliable, and the autopilot switches to using alternatives in an attempt to maintain control over the vehicle.

Given you had several magnetometer anomaly warnings before the crash, I would guess that you either operated too close to something large and magnetic, that prevented the compass from working correctly, or your compass is faulty.

Blue Robotics don’t make drones, and this forum is focused around marine robotics (boats and underwater ROVS), so you’ll likely receive more relevant advice and better help in the more general ArduPilot forums :slight_smile:

Hi thank you so much for your response. I switched the primary and secondary settings and this popped up… are you able to help?

That’s not what this forum is for, and I’m not well-versed with either ArduCopter or MissionPlanner, so no, I’m afraid I’m not able to help.

I see you have been posting in the ArduPilot forums already, and I suggest you consider the responses that have been provided there, and wait patiently for additional responses as relevant. You can switch the compass priorities with the up/down arrows on the far right of the table in your screenshot, but if the failure was caused by one of the motors losing thrust then it’s unlikely changing compass priorities will make a difference.

If you want to have a chat rather than the slower back-and-forth posting process of a forum then that’s what Discord is for (which you were already linked to), but there’s no guarantee someone with the relevant knowledge and time to spare will be immediately available.

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