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Documentation on on to use QGroundControl


Do you know of a general overview / documentation on how to use QGC for BlueRov2?

I’ve found how to set it up and what the joystick buttons can be used for, but I am looking for something that provides an overview of how QGC is used, what the interfaces look like, etc.

I am looking to using this info to determine whether or not to purchase a BlueRov2.

Best, Roba


Our QGroundControl version is based on the original functionality, you can check the graphic interface documentation here.

We have also this nice screenshots :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Very much appreciated :blush:


Do you have the Qgroundcontrol for ROV? that link its for Drone though.

@Eu574ch1o A lot of the documentation in that link applies to QGC, which can be used for aerial drones and ROVs, it is the same program.

We also have some ROV-specific documentation at ardusub.com.

Okie, I’m actually looking for some default setting for QGC.

Like my Camera ,

Servo PWM Limit: Min 1100 PWM Max 1900 PWM
Output channel 8 , Servo Reverse Tick

Is that normal or there’s room to increase what will be the pros-con?