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Do I have to customize the frame?

Hi,I want to control several thrusters with one pwm interface,so i should not modify the code about custom frame. For example,i use four vertical thrusters with this frame. That mean the thruster5 should be replaced by other two thrusters,the two thrusters are arranged symmetrically and controlled by one interface that belong to thruster5. Is this a feasible method?

Hi @Richard1,

That should be possible, as long as each thruster still has its own ESC. Note that normally it’s possible to reverse a thruster that’s spinning backwards in software, but with multiple thrusters connected to the same pwm output that would reverse the direction of all of them. If one thruster is spinning the opposite way to what you want you’ll need to swap a pair of its wires.

I believe you should be able to assign up to 12 motors in a custom frame configuration, so if you find you do end up wanting software control of the individual thrusters then that might be worth looking into as an alternative. It would make testing individual motors easier, and may improve control, but requires using the extra ports and needing to build ArduSub with your custom frame parameters. If you end up with thruster positions/orientations that don’t map nicely to one of the existing frames then the custom frame approach is the right way to go.