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Diving straight

Any suggestions what is the most convenient way to dive (more or less) straight lines? Is it possible for example to disable left / right function from one of the joysticks -> to have only forward / reverse enabled and to have strafe left / right disabled (or behind shift)? This would make it much more easier to hold the heading. I hope you get the idea.
I haven’t got the unit here so I can’t get to QGroundControl settings. I should do some side scan sonar test tomorrow.

I find when operating in ‘Manual’ Mode, the vehicle zig-zags all over the place. However, when in ‘Stabilize’ Mode, it runs straight, and true. If you programmed a button for ‘Input Hold’ then point the vehicle in the direction you desire, throttle up to the speed you want, then toggle ‘Input Hold’. That should run it at those settings hands free.

Good luck with the Side Scanning!

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…build i Real controller?.. in 1axis for horisontal, and a 3 axis for diretion… its a reason why we use this offshore ;)_

Thanks, I will try this.

i Real?

Input hold set worked just fine.

You may try configuring some larger deadzone in the desired input channels.

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I will try also this.

Btw…the sonar test was successful.

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Nothing special on the bottom. This was what we wanted to see.

We used this “machine from hell” to reach the dive site