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Getting BlueROV2 to tavel in a straight line

I was wondering if anyone has any experience in straightening out a navigation path with a the BluROV2.
While trying to go to a point or hold a course on the compass the vehicle wanders right to left to such an extreme amount that it is very hard to even keep track of where it is.
Yes, I do have the thrusters set at the 45 degree position which is not the best choice for running a line, but I don;t want to loose any lateral performance, and it does go plenty fast forward as is.
The compass needle icon does not help either. With bad water clarity and a little sun on the display it’s impossible to quickly see which of the ‘three points’ of the red arrow is actually your heading.
Has anybody had any trouble with this? I’m thinking about a rudder or fin keel, moving the thrusters to the 30 degree point or anything to aid it to go in a straight line.

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Do you use stabilize mode?