Dive in the open sea


I managed to carry out a deep(ish) dive with my ROV. I got down to 26.3m or 86 feet.

The only problems encountered was:

  1. QGC telling me my compass cal was bad. I had turned the ROV on the previous day and it was fine. I unticked the self-check and no further problems?

  2. I get the impression the ROV is nose heavy, I might remove another weight and move the remainder aft.

Absolutely no leaks, the boat was drifting with a fair amount of tide.

Four images for your perusal.


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  1. Can you please let me know exactly what the error message regarding the compass says?
  2. Also make sure the ROV has plenty of slack, it will tend to dip nose down if you are trying to dive or drive forward and the tether is not slack enough.

Glad you had some success in open water!


Thanks, is there a log I can refer to wrt error messages?


QGC saves logs of the telemetry in Documents/QGroundControl/Telemetry.


This was the error message I saw on initial start up today. The previous day I set the whole system up at home and had no errors.

I am trying to think what was different.


Ok, this is a known issue, and disabling the check is a fine fix. I am working on an update to resolve this and other things that have come up frequently since the last update.

The error is caused by the ROV moving (rocking on water) while it starts up.


Thats good to know.

I thought as much as the difference between the two occasions I have powered up the ROV in the last two days was the ROVs orientation when I inserted the battery.