Disconnection errors and no signal from game pad

Hi All

Im using an ROV 2 heavy with a wired game pad controller via a win 11 laptop. Every now and then i lose connection and the warning message pops up. Only real way to getting things back up is full reboot of laptop and everything is ok again.
Also sometimes game pad connection is lost and i get the red pad icon showing this. Reconnection is hit and miss and even full reboot doesnt reconnect and then all of a sudden its working again.

Im suspecting Win 11 is causing issues as its garbage but im stuck with it.
Has anyone any insight???

Hi @Stanna -
Can you share what model game pad you’re using? We recommend Xbox or PS4 controllers, as they are wireless and rechargeable…

Thanks tony
It is the Logitech F310.

Intermittent device connection could be some kind of driver issue (maybe check if there’s a new driver available?), but could also just be a faulty device/cable/connector.

If possible I’d suggest trying an alternative gamepad (even of the same type if you want), and a different USB port, just to see whether that’s more consistent.

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For anyone suffering the problems described in my original post it seems the fault has been rectified following the instructions in this post.

Changing the setting to 5 appears to have cleared our disconnection issues and the game pad not being seen. Around 3 hours of operation so far without a problem.

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