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Discharge cycle BR2 batteries


I want to do a full discharge cycle of my batteries in order to check their restitued capacities and confirm they are still OK.

Nonetheless, every time I run it on the BR2 charger, the discharging intensity always goes down to approx 0.3A even though I configured it to 9A. Why does it occur?

One more question, has anyone developped a fully integrated system for the BR2 in order to have 2 batteries in parrallel for deep dives? I did a 100m dive following a pipeline last month and the autonomy of the battery was too short to cover the whole length in once.

This happens because the charger has to effectively waste this power as heat. Which means it is heating up and running it’s fans to cool down.
An alternative is to use the battery until it is almost depleted, finish discharging with the charger, and then fill it up and see how much mAh got in.

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Ok understood, yes it is the second option indeed. Thank you for the clarification.