Discharging BlueROV2 batteries for storage

Hi all,

I have two black and one white BlueROV2 batteries that are currently at 16.3V. I want to discharge them to storage voltage.

I have the (old) Lithium Battery Charger from BlueRobotics with an in-built storage and discharge protocol (LiPo, 14.8V(4S), 10.0A for Storage and LiPo, 14.8V(4S), 1.0A, 3.30V for Discharge). However, when running either of these protocols, I get below message:

It seems the system detects 5 cells (R:05SER), whereas the batteries are clearly 4S (S:04SER).

After pressing Enter to Confirm anyway, the protocol starts but the battery voltage does not go down at all even after 15 minutes.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @RobinC, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

From your description I’m not certain what you’re doing wrong, but I asked internally and was recommended to ask

Hi Eliot,

We put in the balance plug, and now the storage charge function works as expected.


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