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BR2 Battery monitoring

I’m planning to purchase the BR2 Li-Ion Battery 14.8V- 18Ah to power my AUI [Autonomous Underwater Instrument). My instruments is passive and without any thruster motors, so the battery capacity is dedicated to video capture and physical-chemical sensors monitoring. It’s the first time, i use such big Lithium Ion battery and i would like to know if i have to monitor critical parameters ( temperature, voltage, current) during using? could you give me some technical advices?
'm also planning to integrate the battery in a dedicated enclosure with relief valve and SubCon connector to power the sensor’s enclosure.


With passive instruments, I expect the power draw will be pretty minimal compared to a Bluerov2.

I would put something in there to turn everything off (or warn the operator) if the battery goes under 14 Volts, and that is it.