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Disarm or Manual Mode when Communication is Lost?

Dear BR Community,

I recently had a total communication loss to my BR2 while diving in ‘depth hold’ mode and pulling the ROV out of the water with ‘depth hold’ active was not fun.

I was wondering if anybody figured out how to activate a safety mechanism that disarm the ROV or turn the depth hold mode off when communication is lost with QGC? I tried to use the pilot input safety trigger with a 90 second threshold but it doesn’t seem to work.



Our BR2 disarms when coms are lost …

My RR2 disarms, and starts to slowly ascend to the surface (slightly positive buoyancy) with loss of comms. Check the Safety settings.

Guys thank you for the reply. I am still having the same issue. If I pull the usb cable from my laptop with the BR2 in depth hold mode, it will stay in depth-hold mode. I have activated both the Heartbeat Alarm and Pilot Input Alarm in the safety settings and restarted QGC but didn’t change anything. Does your BR2 disarm when you pull the USB cable from your laptop?


@Portoferraio Please post a screenshot of what your safety page looks like. It should look like this with default parameters loaded: