Disable Altitude Check in Plan View of QGroundControl

I know this is a long shot, because this stuff is all “in development” and not really documented. Is there a way of disabling the altitude check when flying a predefined mission? At the moment, I have a GPS connected and position working in QGC, but when I try to create a mission and then fly it, the ROV attempts to dive or rise.
Obviously, I don’t want either of these, I just want it to ignore the altitude, because it sits right without using the vertical thrusters. I have tried messing around with the waypoint altitudes and mission altitudes and even tried disabling the vertical thrusters but nothing worked. With the thrusters disabled it sits at the takeoff point and I assume it is attempting to dive, but can’t due to a lack of vertical thrusters.
Has anyone had this issue before, or know of how to solve it?

Hi @hbillings,

Apologies for the slow response on this.

What are you trying to achieve with this? A mission for a vehicle that can move through a 3D space requires a 3D path through that space, so not specifying the altitude/depth doesn’t really make sense. If you want the same depth to be maintained throughout a dive then you should be able to set the altitudes as “relative to launch” and set them all to 0.0m, optionally setting a non-zero starting depth for the initial waypoint altitude.

If that’s already what you’re doing, can you explain a bit more about the vehicle you’re using (in particular its frame and the available sensors), what you’re trying to do, and whether you’re getting any messages or status updates in QGC when you try to start your mission?

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