Depth Sensor Error with Bar100


I am running into some issues with the Bar100 sensor. I swapped out the stock Bar30 sensor for the deeper rated Bar100, and and getting a 'Depth Sensor Error" message in QGroundControl periodically. This message pops up every few minutes; between the error messages, the depth readings that I see in QGroundControl seem to be fine. This error mostly manifests at surface, but does come up periodically at depth as well. I can calibrate the sensor without issue in QGroundControl.

I have read in some other topics that the “Depth Sensor Error” message is a hardware fault; however, I’ve tried two different Bar100 units and the error persits. Recalibrating the pressure sensor in QGroundControl also does not seem to solve the issue.

I am running the latest BlueOS release, on a RPi 4B. QGroundControl V.4.2.3, ArduSub is the latest available stable release.

Are there any setup steps that I may have missed going from a Bar30 to a Bar100? Any advice would be welcome.

Hi @bsnow, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not certain what’s going on here, so

  1. Which flight controller board are you using (e.g. Navigator / Pixhawk / Pixhawk 4)?
  2. Is Keller selected in your BARO_PROBE_EXT / GND_PROBE_EXT parameter?