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Depth Sensor - Can't Read NMEA2000 (corrected category)

Moving this here because it’s a more appropriate category.


I am new to this forum :grinning:. I’m working on a company that just purchased an Airmar DST800 depth Multi sensor which works at 12V and uses NMEA2000 protocol. Its brochure is accessible here: https://www.airmar.com/uploads/brochures/DST800.pdf.

We are trying to read the corresponding data with a MCP2515 CAN Controller Module which is based on MCP2515 CAN Controller IC with a TJA1050 CAN Transceiver IC and uses a 8MHZ crystal. We also use an Arduino Mega.


We have successfully run some tests by sending & receiving data using two MCP2515 CAN Controller Modules and the NMEA2000 library GitHub - ttlappalainen/NMEA2000: NMEA2000 library for Arduino.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to collect the corresponding data from our depth sensor and we can’t understand what is going wrong. We don’t want to build a whole NMEA2000 network, we just want to read somehow the corresponding data from this particular sensor. We are also sure that the power supply is 12V, the wiring is correct and the sensor sends data (we checked it with an oscillator).

Is anyone here who has used this sensor in the past or a similar one (with NMEA2000)?

Thanks in advance.

p.s If this is not the right category for this topic please excuse me. I will delete my topic immediately.

Hi again @palmos :slight_smile:

I probably can’t help much with this one because I don’t have experience with this sensor or protocol.

I’d direct your attention to this section from the github link you provided, to make sure you’ve got the necessary requirements for using an Arduino that isn’t a Due:

If that’s all fine then I’m unfortunately not sure. Hopefully someone from the community has done something like this before and can help out :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I’ve got you :wink:

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Hello again,
Thank you for your quick response! I have already see the above and I am sure that I’m using the correct library files. Using two MCP2515 CAN modules -one as a sender and one as a receiver- I managed to send and receive data using the above library so I don’t think I’m doing something wrong regarding libraries.