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Data from external payload sensors

Hi all,

I’m working to integrate a multi-parameter sensor sonde into the BlueROV2 Heavy lift, and would like to send the data to the topside via the fathom-X tether. The sensor data is in SDI-12 format, which I can read via USB converter with the raspberry pi.

I’m looking for advice on the easiest way to do this. The options I’m considering are:

  1. create a new mavlink message and decode the messages with pymavlink,
  2. write a bash script to send the sonde data to a seperate port over existing ethernet
  3. something else

Does anyone have advice, or can you direct me to posts where people have done similar things?

Hi Franz,

Thanks for the post! The most flexible way to do this is to make a script that sends the data to a separate UDP port over Ethernet. That method can handle just about any sensor integration, especially if the interface for that sensor can communicate with a UDP port.

Adding a new Mavlink message is possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it for this application. The Mavlink format has very specific message types and it is not easy to get new messages added to the standard.