Customized 45 Degree offset leveling

I know this might sound stupid to ask here but has anyone be able to customized any button on their controller to be able to drive the rover in preset offset degree( 30 ,45) to utilized the camera if you do not have a tilt gimbal setup . so basically the rover will operate at the offset until you push a button to bring it back to level (O)

Any help will be highly appreciated .

or use external gyroscope - so if I mount at a 45 degree then I could switch between . still an idea I am hoping someone can comment on .

Hi @Spinorose,

I don’t believe there are any built in button functionalities that set a specific pitch angle.

The main options I can think of would be to either

  1. Use the existing pitch trim button functions (in depth hold / stabilise mode)
    • in which case you would trim the vehicle pitch manually to the desired angle
  2. Build a custom version of ArduSub that provides your desired functionality
    • it would likely be easiest to implement this via one of the existing custom* button function options, instead of defining an entirely new button function name
    • it may also be possible to achieve this via a Lua script instead of a custom firmware, but we don’t have much experience using them for ArduSub, and don’t yet have any documentation on doing so
  3. Write some proxy software that intercepts the joystick button presses, and passes on most of them but takes your specific button of interest sends a MAVLink set attitude target message if/when the button is pressed

Thanks Eliot -Guess what , I am taking baby steps for now and hopefully one day I can look into it .

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