Converter for T2000

how i can get the suitable power to T2000

i searched in many kind of converter but i couldn’t find converter the output (20 v and 25 A )

if there something like that any link i will be grateful

notes the input power (48 v and 40 A)



Hi Mahmoud,

It’s difficult to find converters for 16-20V, but the T200 will also run well on 12V. Here are a few inexpensive converters that can handle a lot of current:

36-72V input, 12V 42A output, $72:

44-57V input, 12V 50A output, $96:

I hope that helps.


One big concern … heat. Anytime you are converting that much current load, you are going to disipate a lot of heat. If the converter is going to be in the ROV, I would highly suggest putting in a metal housing and attaching the heat sink in whatever manner you can to the shell. If not, things are going to get real roasty for your package where you have one of those modules stuffed.

If you are converting the power topside and sending the voltage over a cable, well heat won’t be an issue inside of the ROV.