Current Draw at 12v

Hello all,


I am on a team participating in the MATE ROV Competition and will be using T200s. We are currently looking at power conversion since we need to step down the 48v to something the T200’s ESC are capable of using. One suggestion of the team so far have been these converters, which will output 12v at up to 50 Amps. We are interested in how many thrusters we could run of one power brick. The max current draw based off the specs is 25 Amps, but based off the performance chart it doesn’t look to get any higher than ~15 amps at 12v. Would it be safe to run more than 2 T200’s off of these power bricks?


Hi Matt,

The converter you linked to is the one that I generally recommend for stepping the 48V down to 12V. They are pretty inexpensive as far as DC/DC converters go.

You’re right, at 12V the T200s don’t draw much more than 15A. You could run three from one converter. That will allow all three thrusters to run at full power. If you don’t plan to use all thrusters simultaneously, then you could connect more than three per converter.

Hope that helps!


Hi Rusty,

That answers all are questions; thanks for the reply! It does seem we were going a bit overkill, so we’ll be able to make our system smaller now.