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Over voltage t200

(Olli Massala) #1

I am working on a quad thruster ROV and want to get more speed out of it, I am actually getting 19V at the end of my tether and therefore wanted to know if I could use the 19v (with my own compatible esc’s) in order to increase the thrust. It is in a situation where I need some durability too, so how much would this decrease the lifetime of the thruster?

(Rusty) #2

Hi Olli,

The T200 can run at 19V but that will probably decrease the lifetime slightly. Since you’re sending power through the tether, note that the voltage will probably drop dramatically as you draw more current from the tether. How long is your tether and what gauge wires?


(Olli Massala) #3

Hey Rusty,
I am actually running 24V into the tether, the 19V is at the ROV end. How much is the slightly (an estimated guess is fine, even a quarter accuracy is fine [75%, 50% etc.])

(Olli Massala) #4

Also, should I see an increase in thrust like I do between 12 and 16 volts, or would I need to maintain the wattage to avoid burning out the motor

(Rusty) #5

Olli - how long is your tether and what gauge is the wire?