Doubt on T100 Specificiations


It is given that @12V the maximum thrust given T100 is 1.76kgf ( min. of max foward (2.5kgf) and max reverse (1.7kgf)). Our ROV weighs 5.2kgs (in air) and for which we bought two T100 thrusters. We know it reduces the life of the motor if operated at its maximum thrust. So can we increase the operating voltage to 15V and work with less PWM width, so it is not operated at maximum thrust ? What is the maximum operating voltage of the basic 30 amp afro esc ?



It’s not really the signal you send to it that matters, it’s how much power is output. More power = more thrust = a little more wear on the parts. I would recommend sticking with 12V as the thruster works best here. The life will only be reduced slightly by running at full throttle versus say, 75%.

The max operating voltage of the Basic ESC is about 17V.