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Higher voltage for thrusters and ESC?

(Herr Frei) #1

Hi, I’d like to build a ROV with underwater connectors that can carry at most 10 amperes. Both thrusters are rated higher than this value. So my idea is to increase the voltage (using 7s lipo batteries -> 19 - 29 V). What do you think, may I get problems with the electronics or motor coils?


(Rusty) #2


Unfortunately, the thrusters won’t work very well at voltages that high. In fact, as you increase voltage they will draw more current and power. If you want to limit the current output, your best bet is to limit the signal sent to the thrusters. For instance, the normal PWM signal range is 1100-1900 µs. You can change that to 1200-1800 µs to limit the throttle output.

To see what would be an appropriate signal for the current you want, you can check the performance plots here: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/thrusters/#performance-charts

You will, of course, get a bit less thrust, but the current will be limited appropriately.

I hope that helps!


(Herr Frei) #3


Thanks for this information. Do you see any problems for the BlueESC with voltages up to 29V?

Herr Frei

(Rusty) #4

Hi Herr,

There are few components on the BlueESC that are only designed for 26V maximum including the decoupling capacitors. I definitely wouldn’t recommend going any higher than that. Our official rating is 22V to allow some margin.