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Control via radio

Hi all, I have a question.
I would like to control an ardusub divern surface vechicle via radio.
Being intended for underwater vehicles I understand the ethernet trough companion computer is the maun way, but it is easy to use a radio instead?
I would prefer ardusub over arudrover because of the thruster matric configurability.

Why not use a WiFi router?

Actually yes, that was my idea. This mean i guess that the companion computer is mandatory?
How does the communication between the pixhawk and the companion works?

ArduSub does not support traditional radio control receivers. If you want to use radio control on a surface craft, we recommend ArduRover instead of ArduSub. ArduRover recently added alternate motor configurations, so the Omni-“X” Vehicle is most similar to the horizonatal thuster arrangement as on the BlueROV2.

Here is the relevant forum post in the ArduPilot forums: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/support-for-omni-boats-coming-in-rover-3-5/31663