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Connecting Crystalsky Android tablet to BlueROV2

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #1

Hi, I am using a DJI Crystalsky monitor to control my BlueROV2.
I have a problem though, I am missing 4 buttons in Qgroundcontrol joystick setup.
All functions except gain and lights are present and working.
I am using Logitech F710 via bluetooth dongle.
My Qgroundcontrol version is 3.4.4 APK, latest.
The Crystalsky monitor is Android 5.n.n.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Cheers, Jan R

(Patrick José Pereira) #2

Hi Jan,

We do not support QGC for Android devices, this problem is probably a consequence of poor drivers for joysticks in Android.
Just to make sure, can you check if all buttons appears in the joystick menu of QGC ?
If some buttons are missing from the menu, your android version does not have the necessary drivers for this joystick.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #3

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your reply.
All buttons on the joystick are working, I can see the buttons are reacting on Android from 5.n.n and up.
Cheers, Jan Robert

(Patrick José Pereira) #4

Hi Jan,

Just to make sure, how are you checking the buttons ? Are you using an app or QGC joystick configuration menu ?

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #5

Hi Patrick,
I am using QGC joystick configuration menu.
I can see and operate 10 functions. I am missing gain up/down and light up/down.
Cheers, Jan Robert

(Jacob) #6

As @patrickelectric mentioned, we do not support android platforms at the moment. You may reassign functions to those buttons that are available to you, or you may put in a bug report and wait for the issue to be resolved when we do work with android.

(Jan Robert Fiksdal) #7

Hi Jacob, thanks. I will reassigne the two functions.
Cheers, Jan Robert