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Android Game Console Controller with Screen - should work?

(Patrick Keeling) #1

Has anyone used one of the (I think) new game consoles with a built in android tablet to control your BlueROV with QGroundControl? They are reselling them as controllers for the OpenROV Trident (which still hasn’t shipped so its hard to know how they interface), and I can’t think why it would not work for any comparable interface. Here is a link to the site with the exact specs of the one OpenROV is selling. It is short on a few details, but it has a USB2 port and a microSD card for recording, so that seems promising, but I would be curious if someone has already tried this. Thanks!


(Jacob) #2

Joystick support on android is not quite there yet. You can get the ‘Daily build’ from the app store, and it will work with joysticks, but there are still a few bugs and kinks to work out before it makes it into the stable release.