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Connecting Bluerov2 through Android and Qground

Hi there;

Anyone has trying to connect a BR2 to an Android Cellphone using Qground?

I got connection and Video, but I have several errors about the firmware.

I’m using Pixhawk v3, Fantom-x through USB.

I haven’t tried it, but assuming you’ve got the relevant processing power and connections I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. What versions of QGroundControl and ArduSub are you using? Only specific versions work together, because they expect and use different sets of parameters.

I haven’t heard of a Pixhawk v3 before - could you send a photo of it? We only officially fully support the Pixhawk 1, although the Pixhawk 4 and Pixhawk 2 (Cube Black) have also been tested to work (but may require additional setup).

Thanks for your response.

I’m using the lastest version of Qground for android, Companion 0.28 and Ardusub 4.0.3

For the pixhawk, I could be wrong in my answer. I thought it was V3.

Here’s a pic.

Hi @Anrriu ,

The error message probably means that QGC is unable to send commands to the ROV. Check the network setup. Often when some things work but other don’t, it due to a misconfigured subnet mask.

Thanks for your answer.

What subnet mask should I use?

Im already using that subnet mask.

Yeah that’s a normal Pixhawk 1 board, so that shouldn’t be the issue :slight_smile:

Can you describe the errors you had a bit more? You mentioned there were several. From your screenshot it seems like you’re getting telemetry data and the video stream from the ROV, but your QGC is struggling to contact it, so perhaps there’s some issue with the outgoing connection. Possibly there’s some kind of setting/firewall/permission that needs to be set to enable outgoing UDP connections?

I’ve just checked and it seems like the latest QGC for Android is 4.1.1, which isn’t a release we’ve used with ArduSub so there could be some issues. I haven’t used Android devices but you can download an APK for version 4.0.5 here, which may work more effectively:

I understand APKs are less convenient to install than using the Google Play store, but unfortunately I don’t believe there’s another way to install a previous version. The QGroundControl project more generally seems to be having some issues with new Android builds, so I’m not sure when the next compatible one will be available.

I’d suggest first going over the errors you’re having, in case we’re able to figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it, but if that doesn’t work then it may be worth trying the APK install to see if it helps.